You definitely captured my voice.

                                          -- Memoir client

You did an amazing job pulling my book together and structuring my proposal. 

              -- Pat Pattison, TV Host and Author,

                                           Remade in America

Have A Look At Me

So proud that Oprah Winfrey granted me an exclusive cover story for the October/November 2017 issue of Forbes Woman Africa. 

(Up top) I'm being interviewed ahead of the screening of my documentary film, Intore, which I wrote and co-produced.

Shirley Neal

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Eventually moved from the Midwest out west to "make it big" in Hollywood. I gave myself one year!

Though I longed to write and produce, my entree into the biz came through acting--on stage and on a few TV sitcoms. Can anyone say, "Watchoo talkin' bout, Willis?"

I ghostwrote for a popular TV sitcom; had a horrifying encounter in my North Hollywood cottage with the Hillside Strangler; was stalked by a mentally ill optometrist...and that was just my first year and a half! 

I eventually abandoned acting. Built up my skills behind the camera as a Creative Director, Assistant Director, Field Producer, and eventually a Producer/Director.

Thirty some odd years later with more than 100 writing and producing credits under my belt; 3 stints as a Vice President at entertainment companies including my own (Park Hill Entertainment), and Executive Vice President stripes at the Africa Channel cable network that I helped to launch and run, I'm now doing what I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember...

Writing. Storytelling. Authoring books. 

I love that I can do what I love most--anywhere at any time--working on someone else's story or my own! And though my preference is to collaborate on memoirs, I'm up for most any non-fiction formats and fiction.

My clients see me as their "Creative Maestro." If you're ready to tell your story, I'll make it sing!

There I am again, (above center)  having some fun during the Girl Scout Cookies gag at the 2016 Oscars, with Louis Gossett, Jr (left), Sam Smith and Quincy Jones behind me; Jennifer Garner (front left). Hey, maybe one of them needs a ghostwriter for their memoirs. Hmm?

My Favorite...

Hear About Me

Your book proposal is great. One of the best I've seen!

            --Nancy Hancock, HarperCollins

Get To Know Me

That's me (above) in broadcast journalist mode, co-hosting African Ancestry Radio on Sirius XM Radio.

My copy editors love getting your stories. They're always error free!

                  --Terry Glover, Ebony Magazine