So proud that Oprah Winfrey granted me an exclusive cover story for the October/November 2017 issue of Forbes Woman Africa. 

That's me (above) in broadcast journalist mode, co-hosting African Ancestry Radio on Sirius XM Radio.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Eventually moved from the Midwest out west to "make it big" in Hollywood. I gave myself one year!

Though I longed to write and produce, my entree into the biz came through acting--on stage and on a few TV sitcoms. Can anyone say, "Watchoo talkin' bout, Willis?"

I ghostwrote for a popular TV sitcom; had a horrifying encounter in my North Hollywood cottage with the Hillside Strangler; was stalked by a mentally ill optometrist...and that was just my first year and a half! 

I eventually abandoned acting. Built up my skills behind the camera as a Creative Director, Assistant Director, Field Producer, and eventually a Producer/Director.

Thirty some odd years later with more than 100 writing and producing credits under my belt; 3 stints as a Vice President at entertainment companies including my own (Park Hill Entertainment), and Executive Vice President stripes at the Africa Channel cable network that I helped to launch and run, I'm now doing what I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember...

Writing. Storytelling. Authoring books. 

I love that I can do what I love most--anywhere at any time--working on someone else's story or my own! And though my preference is to collaborate on memoirs, I'm up for most any non-fiction formats and fiction.

My clients see me as their "Creative Maestro." If you're ready to tell your story, I'll make it sing!

My copy editors love getting your stories. They're always error free!

                  --Terry Glover, Ebony Magazine

(Up top) I'm being interviewed ahead of the screening of my documentary film, Intore, which I wrote and co-produced.

Shirley Neal

There I am again, (above center)  having some fun during the Girl Scout Cookies gag at the Oscars, with Louis Gossett, Jr (left), Sam Smith and Quincy Jones behind me; Jennifer Garner (front left). I'll write about that Cinderella-like week one day soon!

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Your book proposal is great. One of the best I've seen!

            --Nancy Hancock, HarperCollins

Get To Know Me

You definitely captured my voice.

                                          -- Memoir client

You did an amazing job pulling my book together and structuring my proposal. 

              -- Pat Pattison, TV Host and Author,

                                           Remade in America