Shirley Neal


As a contributing writer for numerous national and international magazines including Ebony, Movie Maker, Immigrant, Savoy, Forbes Africa, and various electronic media including Sirius XM Radio, my stories capture the voices and trends that captivate readers and allows them to experience adventures, opportunities, and lifestyles they only previously imagined.

Literary Ghostwriter / Collaborator / Developmental Editor

My Writing Services

With more than twenty years experience as a writer of TV shows across many platforms and genres (comedy, non-fiction, reality, travel, sports, documentaries, and feature length documentaries) I help to develop concepts, write dialogue, narration, and structure stories that are compelling.  My writing and producing efforts for Fox Television’s coverage of the U.S. Olympic Fest (1991) earned me a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award.  

​​Earned Professional Ghostwriter Certification from California State University Long Beach where I’ve mastered how to find "the gold" in any manuscript; maintain author’s voice; overcome implausibilities; eliminate deal breakers with publishers; properly format manuscripts for submission; prepare book proposals that meet the needs of publishers; overcome first-time writer obstacles; and make work viable in the marketplace. I'm also proficient with copyediting, developmental editing, transcription, and research.